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1:72 Half Track Armored Vehicle Toys 4D Assembly DIY Vehicle Model Kits. New New New. $8.90. $9.78 previous price $9.78 9% off 9% off previous price $9.78 9% off. ... 1/72 Classic Half Track Armored Vehicle Toys 4D DIY Vehicle Model for Teens. New New New. $10.68. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping.


LINE-X ULTRA is a thin build, spray-on coating that looks great and protects virtually any part of your car, truck, Jeep or SUV. LINE-X ULTRA is an ideal custom coating for rocker panels, fender flares, Jeeps, complete exteriors (LINE-X Body Armour) and other automotive uses.

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Pre-1940 Classic Cars. Pre-Painted Bodies. TV, Movie, and Custom Show Rods. World Rally and LeMans Cars. Welcome to the model car section. We stock thousands of model cars in various cateories, in addition to aftermarket detail parts to make your model look like a true showstopper. Click here for all our Model Truck Kits.

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Armor Rock Garage Kit – Solid Epoxy. Spike Shoes. Spike Shoes. 1 - Spike Shoes $49.69 CAD 2 - Spike Shoes $99.38 CAD. Paint Brushes. Paint brushes. 1 - Paint brushes $2.50 CAD 2 - Paint brushes $5.00 CAD 3 - Paint brushes $7.50 CAD 4 - Paint brushes $10.00 CAD 5 - Paint brushes $12.50 CAD.

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Move it gently along the trim lines to pick up the gunk. Keep refreshing the surface of the cloth. Go around all the buttons and controls as well. Follow up with a rejuvenator like Armor All. Grab one of the 10 best car cleaning kits to help get you started.

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Armor Shield IX is discounted based on how many kits you purchase. So, for one kit – it's $69.99, two kits, $104.99, and three kits giving you a buy two get one free at $139.99. With a SiO2 percent of 84%, it's the strongest formulation on the DIY market.

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Our Vehicle Armor Kit comes in two levels of protection: the first is a NIJ level II kit for protection from handguns such as .22, .38, .9mm, and .357 magnum – equivalent to a B4 level. We take the various technology elements we use to create the armored vehicles and put it into kit formats that we use to send around the world to our various ...

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SnapTint Window Tint Kits are made with top quality window film from leading US window film manufacturers. Our automotive and home window tinting kits are made with the DIY (Do-it-yourself) types in mind. They contain detailed installation instructions and are straighforward projects that can be installed in a single afternoon.

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DIY Builder Parts. 84-01 XJ Front Winch Bumper Kit. $ 230.00. Quick View. 93-98 ZJ Stubby Front Winch Bumper KIT. Rated 5.00 out of 5. $ 325.00 – $ 335.00. Quick View. 1987-2006 Jeep Wrangler YJ-TJ DIY KIT.

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The Turtle Wax 5-Piece Complete Care Kit falls squarely in between a total, complete care kit (Meguiar's Complete Car Care Kit) and a 4-item, value kit (Armor All Car Wash and Cleaner Kit). This kit is a 10-piece powerhouse that contains a healthy mix of sprays, shines, waxes, washes/shampoos, and scratch/swirl remover that also includes ...

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In [PrepTech]'s three-part DIY composite vehicle armor tutorial, he shows how he was able to make his own bulletproof armor from scratch. Even if you think the whole complete-collapse-of ...

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Some products like the AvalonKing ARMOR Shield IX DIY Kit are designed to last for up to 5 years. However, some last for less than a year and others 3 years. Myth #2 Is ceramic coating really good for your vehicle? Yes, it is, for most cars. The coating usually offers you better paint protection than any wax or sealant while also enhancing its ...

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Shine Armor Detailing Kits $59.95 $82.95 DIY Pro Kit Fortify Quick Coat Tire Gel Spray Wax 2x Microfiber Towel Interior Cleaner Exterior Perfection Kit Fortify Quick Coat Spray Wax Tire Gel 2x Microfiber Cloths ...

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1. Choose Vehicle. Browse our selection of vehicle ready to be armored for your protection. We turn regular vehicles into extraordinary bulletproof machines. 2. Select Protection. Choose features that match your individual needs. Armormax® offers an array of …

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Accomplish projects from digging swimming pools to excavating basements and grating driveways without hiring someone else to do it for you. Everything from landscaping to construction is possible with a small track vehicle of your own. The hobbyist MINI-DOZER MD196K is a great DIY project to build on your own or modify to fit your custom design.

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Following the advances in the ceramic coating industry and technology, the market is flooded with quality nano ceramic coatings that are able to provide outstanding protection to our vehicles, improving their entire appearance. One of such coatings is Armor Shield IX DIY Kit by AvalonKing - a product that has left a significant impact on the entire detailing industry.

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The Door Armor Max combo (Formally EZ Armor) set is a pretty nice solution that adds a much-needed hardware upgrade for extra security. It comes with a 48" door jamb shield (essentially it's a 48" long strike plate), 2 door shields for your door lock and deadbolt and two hinge shields.

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An armored car is something that is very expensive and most people cannot afford it. You don't have to buy an expensive car when you can easily get hold of almost everything you need to armor your car yourself. These items won't cost you a fortune. Moreover, you will also be able to keep your favorite car.

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7. Dupli-Color BAQ2010 Bed Armor DIY Truck Bed Liner Kit. One of the popular choices for the water-based bedliners is this Dupli-Color BAQ2010 DIY truck bed liner kit. It comes in solvent variant too and hence anyone can select the option depending upon the surface of their truck.

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Improvised vehicle armour is protective materials added to a mobile platform such as a car, truck, or tank in an irregular and extemporized fashion, using available materials. Typically, improvised armour is added in the field and it was not originally part of the design, an official up-armour kit…

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Our Vehicle Armor Kits comes in two levels of protection: the first is a NIJ level II kit for protection from handguns such as .22, .38, .9mm, and .357 magnum. The second level of protection is a NIJ level IIIA kit that offers the added protection for handguns up to .44 magnum. We provide several types of kits for vehicle protection, starting ...

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Especially with precise laser-cut plates, welding is the easiest step when considering the entire process of building offroad armor from scratch. Since DIY weld together kits are shipped in pieces, they can be broken down into regular parcel bundles that can be …

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B-KIT ADD-ON VEHICLE ARMOR LEVEL 3A. Call for pricing & more information Transparent Armor Window Insert. Transparent Armor Window Insert. Call for pricing & more information 4" X 6" Sample Target Level 3A. 4" X 6" Sample Target Level 3A. Regular price $10.00

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True Line Automotive offers premium Do It Yourself Pre-Cut Window Tinting Film Kits for almost any car make and model. Our Precut Window Tint Kits include all front, back and rear windshield window tint pieces that are pre-cut by our state of the art plotters to your cars exact specifications. Our window tint kits are professional grade and are warranted against peeling or delaminating.

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Text 731-503-8189. Give your front-end a unique look at a fraction of the cost with Rough Country's DIY Bumper Kit. These modular bumper kits ship unassembled giving you the opportunity to build your own bumper while saving a TON of money compared to pre-assembled aftermarket bumpers. Weld it, paint it, and bolt it up to totally transform ...

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From car care kits, tire shine, and their sought-after protectants, drivers have a lot to choose from when it comes to DIY car detailing. While the Armor All brand has been around since 1972, it actually got its humble beginnings in 1962, when chemist, Joe Palcher, created the miracle formula that millions use today.

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Note it's $25 off, not 25%. My apologies. Avalon King Ceramic Coating $25 off:

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What's Included in the Armor Shield XI DIY Kit? This is what I LOVED about Armor Shield IX – everything you need is included. For small cars and motorcycles, you can buy a single 30 ml bottle for $69.99 and it includes the coating as well as application sponge, applicator suedes, nitrile golf, and microfiber buffing towel.

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12%Shine Armor Detailing Kits $59.95 $82.95 DIY Pro Kit Fortify Quick Coat Tire Gel Spray Wax 2x Microfiber Towel Interior Cleaner Exterior Perfection Kit Fortify Quick Coat Spray Wax Tire Gel 2x Microfiber Cloths ...

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(2) Kits of Armor Shield IX: 60ml of Armor Shield IX will provide enough product for (2) coats of protection on a Nissan Maxima or Toyota Camry for example. This will cost $104.99 for (2) kits purchased directly from AvalonKing.