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Custom sling plates are another option. The critical dimensions for custom sling plates are a .1" thickness and a 1.2" – 1.125"- diameter center hole to go over the extension. The barrel cut-out will depend on your specific barrel's OD & spacing, and how tightly you want it to fit.

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– Textured for sure grip – Conforms to DOJ criteria – Ergonomic non-pistol grip for AR. NOTE: This grip is made to conform to the DOJ criteria but has not been approved. If grip is used in conjunction with other features on the CA DOJ banned features list, the host system no longer constitutes a "featureless" build. Please consult ...


The ERGO Warrior Grip provides enhanced control of your Standard Frame 1911, even with the interference of moisture and debris. Constructed of rigid polymer frame with soft rubber insert molded in, providing enhanced weapon control. Duty and competition proven SUREGRIP® feel on a square bottom design. There are no reviews yet.

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TEGE Shotgun Sling, 2-Point Rifle Sling Gun Sling, Traditional Pistol Sling Holds 15 Shells(12 or 20 Gauge) for Outdoors Hunting Shooting Climbing 4.3 out of 5 stars 26 1 offer from $14.09

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Custom nylon slings are also available. So if you're lifting a boat or a paper machine roll and need 24″ – 36″ wide slings, or if you require a 50 foot long sling, visit our Contact Us page to get customized quote. You can also send an e-mail to [email protected] Be sure to check out our Learning Center.

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The fore-stock includes a forward-mounted sling loop. The aluminum fixture that serves as an attachment point for the stock and grip on the VLTOR M1-S chassis has been Poly T2-coated, while the stock, grip and buttstock have been treated to Polymax. Just like our ROBAR-ized G21, the VLTOR grip is treated to ROBAR's grip texturing.

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The Standard FRS-15 kits are tailored more for those who primarily shoot from a bench or prefer a two point sling. The Enhanced FRS-15 kits include two additional quick detach sling hard points. The advantage is that if a user prefers a single point sling, the center of gravity is in line with the barrel which keeps the muzzle pointed straight ...

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The Gen 2 Magpul MS3 Multi-Mission Sling was designed for easy, rapid conversion between a single-point and two-point sling. The MS3 allows the user to exploit the maneuverability of a one point sling, or the stability of a two point sling. Single hand adjustments and quick release make this a very versatile and user friendly platform.

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There are only a few deviations from the pics. The reference A2 in the picture uses a 1-point sling – possibly WAS – but after going to a BFG VTAC sling, I couldn't bring myself to use a one point again. To go with my sling I'm using a low pro BFG unit, to which the sling …

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This type of sling is designed for a long gun or shotgun. The weapon is mounted on the sling with two HK type hooks, it allows for easy adjustment. The material slides easily over tactical equipment. The sling has a strong grip for sling length reduction/extension, easily …

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Shopping for a custom AR-15 grip is a big step in building your new AR-15 or upgrading your old one. Having comfortable grips so you're able to relax can make a significant difference in the quality of your shooting. Indeed, being relaxed enough in your positioning is fundamental to good shooting. Find the parts you need. Give yourself an edge!

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Finally, the buffer tube and adapter plate (featuring two sling mounts) are installed, and the work is inspected. Please make sure you include your buttstock, buffer tube, and accompanying lock nut in the box when you send us your rifle, or that you have it shipped to us directly from the supplier.

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MFT EFG16 custom modified grip. Sightmark Lopro laser and 300 lumen light. S2 sling with 2 point QD attachments. Custom made charging handle made by me. This topic was modified 2 months ago by a Moderator.

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Recurve crossbow; Compound crossbow; Crossbow Bolts/Arrows; Crossbow Accessories A cross bow in archery generally needs the support of a variety of accessories to make it work properly. Crossbow accessories like the shooting tripod, the ten-point handle, the rope cocker, the cross bow crank, the cocking device, the cross bow tall tripod, the shooter's staff, the cross bow sling, the ...

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I know none of us want to lose a sling but sometimes things happen beyond our control. Below is a pic of a real loser sling and a few 45 cal 138ish gr lead balls that go out in the 195fps range (with my other looped tubes) at 11.6fpe and a momentum value of 26,910 vs a 22 LR at 1200fps x 40gr for a momentum value of 48,000 ;- ) ---- 1/2 a 22 LR ...

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I'm a lefty, and have my slings mounted on the right side of the receiver. With a two-point sling, whenever I transition the rifle from the left shoulder to the right, the sling rides under the buffer tube and essentially 'shortens', so I have to make sure that I have enough length to accommodate that.

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MAGPUL MS4 DUAL QD SLING GEN2 BLACK The MS4 features two heavy-duty push-button QD Sling Swivels along with a custom steel connection ring to allow one to two-point convertibility. This modification allows compatibility with QD sling cups commonly found on lower receivers, receiver end plates, buttstocks, and many low-profile forward QD Sling ...

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Sling Chair Pricing Begins at $ 50. Most One-Piece & Two-Piece chair slings $ 50 to $ 80, material and size dependent. One-Piece & Two-Piece chaise slings run $ 110 to $ 150. Refund / Return Policy ? Understand that these replacement slings are custom made for YOUR furniture based upon YOUR provided dimensions.

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European Shotguns. Abbiatico & Salvinelli. Excalibur BL Round Action. 20ga & 28ga. $16,975. Two-Barrel Set. 2 3/4" Chambers. 31 1/2" O/U 20ga barrels with solid flat matted rib, nickel-silver front bead. and 7 original Briley choke tubes, numbered I in gold. 28" O/U 28ga barrels.

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Ruger Mini 14 RAMLINE Black Synthetic Stock & sling series 181 + present w/SLING. Used aftermarket Black Synthetic Rifle Stock by Ramline Inc. for the Ruger Mini 14 and Mini-14 Ranch Rifle of Series 181 to present. Stock is a dense black satin plastic polymer with removable Butt plate and pistol Grip cap. Drilled on butt end for sling swivel stud.

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Fixed Extra Wide Sling. $ 50.00 – $ 65.00 Select options. Fixed Length Sling. Rated 5.00 out of 5. $ 45.00 – $ 60.00 Select options.

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Custom gun slings are our specialty. We work closely with each client to carefully design their custom leather gun sling. Every custom gun strap is carefully handcrafted here in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Generally, production time is about 5 weeks (not including shipping time). But we promise it's worth the wait! Sling & Buttstock ...

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Rifle Sling Ergonomics. Choosing a sling that is not only tough, but designed with purpose to be functional in the field is critical to your firearm setup and to your hunt. Bone Collector's custom leather gun slings are designed with functionality at the top of mind along with craftsmanship. These slings are made by hunters for hunters.

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Custom finished AK-47, AKM and AK-74 stock sets by Combloc Customs. Our beautiful custom finished AK-47 furniture is a show stopper and will be sure to turn some heads at the range!

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Measuring 2.25" X 4", these are made from 1/2" thick G10 in either black or green (green can vary depending on what our suppliers send). However, we try to get and use a jade like color the most for green. Options and Price. Green G10 TAG PFS $39.95 USD Black G10 TAG PFS $44.95 USD.

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01 2" FatZombie Duty Belt Jones Tactical FatZombie Cobra Belt. 02 Custom Work. 03 1.5" EveryDay Belt Jones Tactical EveryDay Belt. 04 EBOK Jones Tactical EBOK Medical. 05 Slings It's a system first, sling second.. 06 Belts Cobra belts are the shit! Pause.

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Space Commie Anti-Mech Rifle take 2: Now with appropriate optics. It was suggested, rightfully, that the placeholder 3-9x grandpa scope that was on this thing before, was really bringing it down overall. Today I've fitted it with a NcStar VISM gen 3 3-9x40mm scope and a cheapo clip-in type ARD that had this really cool bug-eye rounded effect to it.

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All our slings are multipoint. Meaning they can be used as single, or run as a two point sling. FOXDEN TACTICAL . Foxden Tactical LLC manufactures our braided paracord slings for your rifle or shotgun. They currently come in a MEDIUM size (about 42" in diameter) and a LARGE size (46" in diameter). MEDIUM is the most common size sling we sell.

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Shoots 3/8" - 1/2" steel and lead like a dream. Pebble Finish Pouches. A Rock Pouch $1.50 USD B Regular Utility Pouch $1.15 USD C Small Utility Pouch $0.95 USD D Ammo Grip Pouch $0.75 USD E Big Comp Pouch $1.50 USD F Tournament Pouch $1.15 USD G Tourny, no hole $1.10 USD H Small ammo pouch $0.75 USD.

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Interchangeable Grip Back Strap for different sized hands 7'' MLOK Handguard 11 MLOK Rail Points available at 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9 o'clock positions Front QD Sling Loop Mount Point on the front left of the replica Full length top 20mm RIS / RAS rail for attaching large sight and scope setups Two stage safety trigger to prevent negligent discharge

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Pistol Grip: BCM Gunfighter Mod-3 Pistol Grip ($20) Accessories. Sling: Custom Made Thule Strap ESD Sling (not for sale, but his other slings are $45) Foregrip: ESD Enhanced Foregrip ($24.99) Optic: EOTech EXPS3-0 Holographic Weapon Sight ($699) Backup Iron Sights: Magpul MBUS Pro Sights (Front: $84.95 and Rear: $104.95)

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The Defense Mechanisms Rifle Sling is versatile and easy to use. The Vickers Sling. When it comes to slinging the AR15, the Vickers Sling and its variants tend to rule the roost. They are popular for good reason. They're versatile and they work. The Vickers Sling is a two-point sling that attaches directly to the front and rear of the rifle.

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We use our premium, custom-made sling webbing for the classic 1-1/4" version, in Black, Coyote, or Foliage. The 1-1/2" and 1-3/4" use the same durable webbing as our Instructor Belts. Our 1-3/4" belts fit most jeans and BDUs very well (please measure belt loops to be sure!

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The Original Form-A-Grip Special epoxy plastic molding material allows you to make a perfect bow grip customized to your shooting style. Create a complete new grip or just build up areas of your existing grip. Enables precise and exact hand placement suited to your shooting style. Also great for gun grips and custom stocks.

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AR-15 Gen III Stock Kits. FRS-15 Gen III 5.56/.223 Bundles (AR-15) FRS-15 Gen III .308 Bundles (AR-10) FRS-15 Gen III AK-47 Bundles; FRS-15 GEN III SIG SAUER Bundles

SCAR 17 - 7.62x51 NATO - Build Your Own Custom Scar 17s Rifle

Gieselle trigger brings an amazing 4lb two stage trigger which makes the gun shoot amazing. TACTICAL LINK ONE POINT SLING – Hands down the best one point sling ever made. Super strong to support Scar with maximum retention; GRIP POD BIPOD – Steel reinforced legs are military specification and allow you open the bipod with the push of your thumb